Laura Hout

Would you rather be dieting and deprived or sane and satiated?

Group Workshops for

Binge Eating
Emotional Eating

 Food Addiction 
Obesity & Weight Loss

6:00 - 7:30 PM Wednesdays

JUNE 7, 14, 21

For more information contact Laura at
(805) 403-9585 or

This workshop helps clients achieve lasting success by effectively addressing the "causes" of overeating.

►  Practice evidence-based skills to break the binge cycle

►  Examine the current neuroscience addressing food addiction

►  Explore issues surrounding emotional overeating in a confidential group setting

►  Learn how family dynamics and genetics play starring roles in recovery

►  Identify situations and "triggers" that can lead to overeating

►  Explore "Intuitive Eating" versus "Abstinence" principles

►  Tackle obsessional thinking around weight and body image

  ►  Learn basic nutritional principles and healthy satiation strategies 


  • BEYOND OVEREATING - Fee is $120 per month. 
  • Groups meet three times a month. 
  • Groups are pre-screened to ensure a safe, supportive setting.


Laura Hout is available to give Beyond Overeating® workshops in healthcare settings, businesses, schools and fitness centers.

BEYOND OVEREATING group participants have said:

“Excellent, thought-provoking reading material—i.e., it can be okay to occasionally indulge; it doesn't necessarily have to be a rigid black-and-white existence that can feel overly punitive…”

"As I sit here eating my super-healthy omelette, I'm grateful for your group and the education about sugar addiction!"

"I really enjoyed the group and learning about how things in our past really do affect the reasons for us developing eating addictions in the future. In addition, I was resolved in my feelings of learning that bingeing/eating disorders are very much an "addiction" and should be treated as such. Thank you." 

"Thank you, Laura, I am continuing my healthy eating habits, and have lost about 15 lbs. since attending your sessions. I'm sure I will be seeing you in the future for a refresher course!"

“Good atmosphere to open up about issues that trouble you that could cause you to turn to food for comfort…”

“Each person was allowed time to focus on their personal life in front of everyone. It taught us to be unashamed even though it was hard sometimes…”   

"I'm observing more and more the emotional aspects of my eating, and how I can buy - or not buy - something. I appreciate learning I have power in that area."