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Is Food Addiction for Real?

Amazingly, there are still people who question if food can be addictive to – ahem! – MILLIONS of Americans who are overweight or obese. One of the questions I hear most frequently: “Is there such a thing as food addiction?” 

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Seeking Sanity During National Eating Disorders Week

That moment when your husband says how nice it is to see female detectives (on a BBC series) played by actresses who look like real women… and then the exercise video commercial comes on where the spokes-babe chirps, “I went from a size 8 to a size 2…” MEH! Seeking Sanity During National Eating Disorders…

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March Madness

“March Madness” – that time of year we start planning summer vacations… around pools, lakes and oceans… in bathing suits, shorts and tank tops. For many of us, the prospect of summer has been far from “carefree.” This year could be the year you actually look forward to summer – and enjoy its sweet pleasures on…

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