Beyond Overeating Workshops

"It is important to acknowledge that this is hard work, and it is a learning process..." Dr. David Kessler

Online Group Workshops for

Emotional Eating 

Binge Eating

Junk Food Addiction 

Weight Loss/Maintenance

Healthy Satiation Strategies

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Do you struggle with food cravings, have good days and bad days, and wonder why you can’t maintain your weight? You’re not alone! 75% of Americans are overweight or obese. What is going on? Why are millions of us overeating? Emotional eating is a way of coping with stress, anxiety, difficult relationships—and we must learn why we “soothe” with food. But there’s more to the story. People often ask, “Is there such a thing as Food Addiction?” and the answer is “Yes!" Ultra-processed junk food can cause cravings like drug addicts describe, overriding our best intentions. (Does anyone ever binge on carrot sticks?) Repeated dieting can lead to Binge Eating Disorder – having struggled herself – Laura understands the frustration her clients feel. Incorporating CBT, neuroscience and nutrition concepts, these small group workshops help men and women break the binge cycle and live happier, healthier lives.

►  Practice evidence-based skills to break the binge cycle

►  Learn why interpersonal conflict is the #1 trigger for overeating

►  Examine the neuroscience of [junk] food addiction

►  Understand the basic physiology of [junk] food addiction

►  Explore issues around emotional eating in a supportive setting

►  Learn how family dynamics and genetics play starring roles

►  Identify situations and triggers that can lead to overeating

► Learn about healthy substitutions and satiation strategies 

►  Explore Intuitive Eating vs. Abstinence (from sugar/white flour) principles

►  Tackle obsessional thinking around weight, food and body image




“Excellent, thought-provoking reading material—i.e., it can be okay to occasionally indulge; it doesn't necessarily have to be a rigid black-and-white existence that can feel overly punitive…”

“I have so many new skills and techniques to stay in a positive mindset thanks to the Beyond Overeating Groups. Laura’s engaging delivery of information and the warm and welcoming participants made this group absolutely helpful and worth it. Thank you!”

“I really enjoyed the group and learning about how things in our past really do affect the reasons for us developing eating addictions in the future. In addition, I was resolved in my feelings of learning that bingeing/eating disorders are very much an "addiction" and should be treated as such. Thank you.” 

“I'm observing more and more the emotional aspects of my eating, and how I can buy - or not buy - something. I appreciate learning I have power in that area.” 

“As I sit here eating my super-healthy omelette, I'm grateful for your group and the education about sugar addiction!"

“Thank you, Laura, I am continuing my healthy eating habits, and have lost about 15 lbs. since attending your sessions. I'm sure I will be seeing you in the future for a refresher course!”

“Good atmosphere to open up about issues that trouble you that could cause you to turn to food for comfort…”



BEYOND OVEREATING Workshops assist men and women of all ages!

  • Workshops are held ONLINE until further notice.    
  • Reading materials and skill building exercises are included.
  • Groups are pre-screened to ensure a safe, supportive setting.

Laura Hout facilitates Beyond Overeating® workshops in healthcare settings, community agencies, workplaces, schools, fitness centers and health spas.  

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